Bearing Maintenance Tools

"Poor fitting, usually using brute force, accounts for 16% of premature bearing failures."

Mounting a bearing is critical in achieving the maximum service life from your bearing. If the bearing is not mounted properly using the correct tools, not only will the bearing’s service lifetime be reduced but there will be increased risk of personal injury. Individual applications may require different tools and mounting methods. Selecting the correct mounting technique for your application will help you extend your bearing’s service life and reduce costs resulting from premature bearing failure, as well as potential damage to the application.

Dismounting bearings can cause similar problems, damage can be caused to other machine components, such as the shaft or housing This damage can compromise the machine’s efficiency, safety and lifetime. Bearings can be dismounted to maintain or replace other components of the machine. These bearings can only be re-used if the dismounting process has not caused damage to the raceways and internal components. Selecting the correct dismounting methods and tools is then essential in reducing the risk of personal injuries and reducing the risk of damaging the bearing. Individual applications may require mechanical, heat or hydraulic dismounting methods and tools to allow safe, correct and efficient bearing dismounting.

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RRP Bearing Press and Extraction Tool Adaptor Kits

RRP Bearing Press and Extraction Tool Adaptor Kits£19.75  -  £21.95 ex. VAT  (48)

Enduro Digital Caliper - 150mm

Enduro Digital Caliper - 150mm£20.00 ex. VAT

RRP Bearing Press and Extraction Tool BPET0001

RRP Bearing Press and Extraction Tool BPET0001£52.49 ex. VAT  (39)

HN0 SKF Hook Spanner 16-20mm

HN0 SKF Hook Spanner 16-20mm£16.44 ex. VAT

HN1 SKF Hook Spanner 20-22mm

HN1 SKF Hook Spanner 20-22mm£16.63 ex. VAT

HN2-3 SKF Hook Spanner 25-28mm

HN2-3 SKF Hook Spanner 25-28mm£18.28 ex. VAT

HN4 SKF Hook Spanner 30-32mm

HN4 SKF Hook Spanner 30-32mm£19.20 ex. VAT

HN5-6 SKF Hook Spanner 38-45mm

HN5-6 SKF Hook Spanner 38-45mm£19.75 ex. VAT

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