V and Wedge belts are suited to numerous applications due to their economical, quiet and smooth power transmission. They are popular because they can perform effectively on either long or short centre distances, and they cushion shafting, motors and connected equipment against load fluctuation. A V or Wedge belt does its work under tension by pulling on the rim of the groove of the driven  pulley, causing it the rotate.

  • Wedge Belts use the references: SPZ, SPA, SPB and SPC
  • Raw Edge Moulded Cog Wedge Belts use the references: XPZ, XPA, XPB and XPC
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SPZ1012 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPZ1012 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.48 ex. VAT

SPZ1020 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPZ1020 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.50 ex. VAT

SPZ1024 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPZ1024 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.53 ex. VAT

SPZ1030 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPZ1030 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.53 ex. VAT  (1)

SPZ1037 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPZ1037 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.55 ex. VAT  (1)

SPZ1040 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPZ1040 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.55 ex. VAT

SPA657 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPA657 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.57 ex. VAT

SPA707 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPA707 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.57 ex. VAT  (1)

SPA732 Wedge Belt Dunlop™

SPA732 Wedge Belt Dunlop™£2.57 ex. VAT

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Page 6 of 71:    637 Items

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