Bearing Lock Nuts and Tab Washers

Locks Nuts and Tab Washers are used to locate bearings and other components onto a shaft or adaptor sleeve. They can also be used when mounting bearings on to taper shaft seats and dismounting bearings using withdrawal sleeves.

Locks Nuts are secured using the appropriate Tab Washer which will locate on a keyway machined into the shaft or adaptor sleeve. One of the outside tabs on the washer is then bent into a slot on the Lock Nut to complete assembly.

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KM8 SKF Lock Nut M40x1.5

KM8 SKF Lock Nut M40x1.5£9.89 ex. VAT

KM9 SKF Lock Nut M45x1.5

KM9 SKF Lock Nut M45x1.5£10.49 ex. VAT

KML24 SKF Lock Nut M120x2

KML24 SKF Lock Nut M120x2£90.36 ex. VAT

KML26 SKF Lock Nut M130x2

KML26 SKF Lock Nut M130x2£112.56 ex. VAT

KML28 SKF Lock Nut M140x2

KML28 SKF Lock Nut M140x2£133.54 ex. VAT

KML30 SKF Lock Nut M150x2

KML30 SKF Lock Nut M150x2£156.30 ex. VAT

KML32 SKF Lock Nut M160x3

KML32 SKF Lock Nut M160x3£178.50 ex. VAT

KML34 SKF Lock Nut M170x3

KML34 SKF Lock Nut M170x3£176.50 ex. VAT

KML36 SKF Lock Nut M180x3

KML36 SKF Lock Nut M180x3£232.19 ex. VAT

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Page 5 of 10:    83 Items